GoodwoodWelcome to my Site which will provide you with a picture of my approach professionally, as a dressage trainer and riding teacher.

I am a freelance teacher, visiting my students at their arenas and stable yards to provide professional tuition and advice on training programmes.

I have trained my horses, bringing them up through the grades from Novice to Grand Prix when they have the ability. Competitions through all the levels tested their progress.

I have many clients of long standing, who, have grown and developed their skills and abilities to produce horses which are happy and sound in their work.

Dale Training B+WIt is essential to build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, for the rider to gain a trusting partnership with the horse they are riding and training. Whether the rider wishes to compete or train for pleasure, they need to be ambitious to improve themselves, make themselves a “feeling” rider .It takes time, dedication and practice to train a horse. However the enjoyment and achievement of producing a horse which is happy to please, cannot be bettered.