As the weather is heating up, and the horseflies have arrived in force, early mornings are a must to get our horses worked in comfort.
This week the subject of downward transitions from canter has been discussed. It is necessary to be able to ride the canter by sitting on your seat, and being completely independent with your hand. Down ward transitions go wrong when the horse falls forward out of balance, and does not hold his weight on the hindquarters.

A way to improve the balance is to work on a 20 metre circle and to bring the canter back as though you are going to canter on the spot for two steps, then allow the horse to move forward again. Repeat this transition two or three times on the circle on both reins. Each time you feel a reaction or answer, put your hand forward towards the bit. You can ride this exercise around the whole school and choose to bring him back to ‘canter on the spot ’at each quarter marker for a step or two. 

Riding the canter in shoulder- in, is another way to close up the steps and improve the balance, always remembering to keep the hand forward, to allow the horse to hold himself in self carriage and balance.

The next exercise would be the Counter canter in short distances on straight lines to begin with. We will talk about counter canter next time.


We are looking for an Irish horse good enough for the show ring.

It is for a light lady with long legs who would like to ride side saddle as well as astride.

I have still not posted the new photos! Perhaps this week I will get my act together!