This exercise is used in the Spanish Riding School but I have seen the simpler version used by Yogi Bresner as a ridability exercise.

Version 1 (Spanish Riding School)

1 Half 8 metre circle left, renvers towards the short side, then into a ¾ circle left.

2 Back into renvers towards the second ¾ circle then ride out in renvers along the inside line.

3. In the third corner ride a ¾ pirouette left.

4.Come out of the pirouette straight across the centre line, a flying chance and turn right.

5. Repeat the exercise on the right rein.
Version2 (simple)

1 Half 10 metre circle left and either straight towards the short side or ride it in shoulder-in.

2 ¾ circle left, ride out straight towards the next corner (or in shoulder-in).

3 ¾ circle left into the third corner, straight across the centre line and turn right.

4 Repeat the exercise on the right rein.

As you can see from this that you can make the exercise as easy or as difficult as you wish.

circle ex