When we are training our horses, we should make a plan. Firstly ,think of what you overall wish to achieve over a certain time. Secondly, for each riding session make your plan. There will be many times when you may not reach the goals you want to, because it takes your horse a little longer to understand the questions you ask of him. It maybe that you are tired and need to simplify the session, but start with an aim.

Your session should consist of, PREPARE, TAKE ACTION, and REWARD.

e.g. Transitions using canter.

To ride from walk to canter, Prepare your horse by making him straight. Then tell him you are going to ask him something by bending him inwards a little, then Take Action by lengthening the inside leg, to engage the inside seat bone, and move the outside leg very slightly back and ask for canter. Reward as you achieve the canter by softening the inside hand forward.


Practise your other transitions in the same manner. Use canter to trot, halt to trot or trot to halt. Remember to flex inwards, soften shoulders, ask for the transition and then reward with a softening inside hand.

2. Cheer up the canter by riding a 20metre circle in working canter- ride a transition into medium canter-sit up and ride a collected canter for a few steps. Flex inward again and use a slightly smaller circle to control the inside hind leg. Half halt and ride the circle a bit larger again. If your horse wants to duck down in the neck, lift the inside hand a little and ride on into working or medium canter.