Our horses have to learn to differentiate between the leg aids that we give him to perform the movements we require. It is with the use of the rein and weight aids together that makes each aid understandable to the horse.

1. We ask the horse to travel forward in a straight line off both lower legs.
The seat must be squarely central in the saddle and the contact even on both sides.

2. We ask the horse to move away from the leg sideways.
The seat must be central and the horse is asked to move away from the leg into a steady supporting opposite rein so as to keep his balance. The rein must be elastic and the horse must not lean.

3. When we require a good balance from our horse we gather him with our legs to improve the collection through our his training.
The rider must be able to draw the horse up with the weight of the seat and the half halts or balance checks on the reins. In this way his tummy muscles draw up into his body and his legs appear longer and he is “off the forehand.”

4. Bend is asked of through the inside leg of the rider.
The seat of the rider must be central and the inside hip stays forward. The inside leg is applied at the girth and we want our horse to relax his muscles and accept our leg. We maintain the bend with a steady supporting outside rein and a soft inside rein contact.


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I am posting some photos of our Lipizzaner Stallions that Claire found in her tack room. They were taken when she worked with us.

Lipizzaner Stallions

Lipizzaner Stallions