Even at novice level the straighter your horse can carry himself, the easier he finds it to put weight back onto the hindquarters and lighten the forehand.

The rider is really instrumental in this, in that, they must sit central in the saddle and not be influenced by the way the horse moves. It might be the horse that pushes you off the seat bones or moves in such a way that the rider drops a hip on one side because he is not muscled evenly on both sides.However, it is the riders job to be straight, to develop muscles the same on both sides. The horse’s neck must be straight with no kinks or twisting. .the ears must be level in front of you, so that you could put a spirit level on the tips.

Hold the contact elastically but keep the  horse upright a supported on the OUTSIDE REIN, then check that your shoulders are parallel to your horses at all times.


I had a great time on my first visit to Cheltenham races. The weather was dry and the company good. It was fun to watch AP McCoy win a race and there are some very brave horses. Broke even on my “flutters” so it made for even more fun.

Patricia is selling her lorry and here are the details. It is to be seen at CO10 0TW.

DAF 405 6Cyl. 7.5t. Reg 2001 Very reliable, easy drive. MOT Aug.2015 Well maintained and serviced.

Partitioned 3 horses. Rubber floor, external tack lockers, water storage and horse shower. Nice tidy living for 4. Sink, hob, grill, fridge, toilet, wardrobe.

£15.000 ono.