What a super trip to Denmark, with excellent company and great organisation by the Blue Horse Stud. A few of us were picked to go straight from the airport to Odense where they were holding a World Cup Qualifier.

We were VIP’s and escorted to lunch during the show jumping class where Jessica Kurten jumped a top round to drive away in a new Subaru. From then on we had a good dressage class which included Isabel Werth and Adelinde Cornelissen. The class was won by Edward Gal on a very relaxed Glock’s Undercover.

Whilst the Trainer’s Club and the Rider’s clubs were having their meetings first thing in the morning, we took ourselves off to Legoland and the sun shone for the only time on the trip. We even managed to visit the Haunted House before returning in time for the bus to the stud.
This was the first time the Forum had not been at the Bartels in ~Holland. The set up was modelled on the original with us sitting at the end of the new indoor school, with its marble steps running along the long sides of the school. Several hundred horses can be stabled and they had 12 stallions standing there at stud. They older school which adjoined the main building was used for the hospitality and the food was divine. Lovely fish of all sorts, and many other choices, as well.

Richard Davidson chaired the Forum efficiently as ever and the presentations were all interesting. Trond Asmyr had been taken ill so a vet took over and did a brilliant job explaining what the FEI had been up to. Adelinde Cornelissen then explained how she was training a 9 year old that had been on box rest for years so very green. A smart horse but was short in the neck. She seems to stamp them. A lively discussion about sponsorship was next. How to draw in the public through the media. Suggestions that the Grand Prix could be taken to 3minutes and that clothes worn should be more exciting. Charlotte gave a good interview to Richard though rather long, and Gina Capellmann showed her training methods with her daughter Fabienne. Not much was achieved in my opinion. Overcoming challenges was well presented by Annika Lykke Risum for the paras. All 3 riders gave a good show including our Sophie Wells . The main point taken was that the trainers job is to say what they see and leave the riders to find ways to ride it better. Positive only and abilities not disabled.

Harmony was discussed which was hard to follow. Tom Hunt and Joost Peters gave an interesting talk about how they put the music together for the Kurs. Someone said a mad Dutchman and a sane Englishman!! Entertaining. The last was the best with Lars Petersen, with sound useful training tips with the catchphrase of the day being “Hurry up slower”. We then made a dash for the plane through the driving rain, the aftermath of the hurricane, home and back to reality.