When we start the training of our young horse, it is important that we are in control of all we ask for. This means that we must ride on a contact, and when relaxation and a balanced forward movement is produced, then it is time to stretch our horse’s frame as a reward and a rest. It is important to remember that riding forward means to ride upward and forward, and not forward onto the hand.

Riding forward with a contact in walk is very difficult. There must be a very soft connection so that there is no restriction but still hold connection. Impulsion is much less at this pace. The rider must be very disciplined and create a trot with regular tempo and rhythm throughout every movement or exercise. When this is achieved, then give your horse a breather. The same principles apply to the canter work, forward and uphill being the key words!
Using the arena space properly is also important to maintain good tempo and rhythm, so ride every corner and short side accurately because helps the balance and the preparation of the next transition or movement.


1 When riding around the arena, count your steps between the quarter markers i.e between H and K or M and F. Make sure that you have the same number of steps on both sides of the arena. When you have, then, step up your impulsion a little and take one less step on each side. To improve balance then take one more step.

2.Shoulder-in in rising trot is good to practise around the arena. Remember to ride out of a good corner, using the inside leg on the girth to ask the inside hind leg to carry more weight under the body, supported by your outside rein. Maintain the rhythm throughout. If you can give away your inside rein during the exercise then the balance it good.