It has been a busy two weeks, with new horses and students to help, and several horses to ride, which was fun.

The following exercise is very good for making your horse work more from behind, and give through his back.
Start with ten minutes and when your horse is loose enough you can ride it for a bit longer.

Dale Dressage Circle Exercise

You start with a 20 metre circle at one end of the arena on the left rein.(A)

After riding one circle, make a 6 metre HALF circle to the inside(left) and immediately ride a 14 metre circle to the right. So you have an inside circle going Right and an outside circle going Left.

When you have ridden two or three inner circles Right, when you are level with A, ride a 6 metre Half circle to the left that will bring you back to the Left handed outer 20 metre circle.

Ride the outer circles in rising trot to create good impulsion, and the inner circle sitting. What you ride to get from one circle to the other is up to you!

When you have mastered this a few times, then reverse it, so that the outer circle goes right and the inner circle is left handed. The half circles to get you from one to the other will be right handed every time this way around.

I hope this is very clear. Draw it on a piece of paper before you ride it.


There is not anything specific this time.

I am updating the Gallery and nearly have enough photos, so take a look and in the next week or so, there should be many students with new photos that show their improvement, and some new horses.