To improve ride ability, and to create a better balance and suppleness in your work, the following exercise is useful. Start in walk until you are good at it. Ride from the centre line at A towards the quarter marker. Keep the bend to the right and travel to the right, parallel to the long side. After 2-3 steps, continue then in a straight line in shoulder-in right, 2-3 steps towards the short side. Continue then sideways to the right again towards the quarter marker. Change between the shoulder- in, in a straight line and a sideways line towards the edge maintaining the same bend all the way. Ride the exercise in both sides.

Jess and Ollie

I have posted a photo of Jess and Ollie who have come on leaps and bounds in this last year. As Jess will agree, the “leaps and bounds” were very dramatic in quite a different sense! Well done to both for winning the class.