After an in forced rest, because of an accident, which has left the body somewhat battered, I am mending and up and running again.

The cold weather arriving, has upset some lessons with frozen surfaces, but hopefully it will not last for long.

It is important to make sure that you warm up your horses methodically, helping all the muscles to get warm and loose before more effort is required. Simple one track movements with transitions being tested out on the way, before you move onto your leg yields and shoulder-in. Remember that the leg yields open the paces and the shoulder-in closes the paces, demanding more suppleness.

Allow your horse a breather after every effort you ask. It is a reward but also keeps the demands clear to distinquish.


The Word Cup Qualifiers are on their way, and it will be interesting to see who rises to the top.


Denmark 5 year old mare.
Bierholms Soho Find her on (her photo comes up on the left with video)

Sweden 9 year old mare. Rapunzel.